About Us

Developing leaders, teams, individuals and cultures to create high performing businesses.

Arwel Douglas Performance Limited is made up of a team of vastly experienced consultants, working at Board and Executive level in FTSE 100 and multinational businesses.

We work across a range of industries including Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Aerospace, Telecommunications, FinTech, Utilities and Public services  Sector.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants extends our capability to provide bespoke solutions to meet our client needs.

We work in partnership with our clients to help them improve their organisations’ performance. We do this by enhancing both the impact of those who are chosen to lead, and the collective contribution of the people they have the privilege to lead.

Organisational change does not happen in isolation. We work systemically, recognising the links between strategy, leadership, systems, processes, people, culture, and how things ‘feel’ and get done. We work together to jointly diagnose and understand what clients want to achieve, why they want to achieve it, what it is going to take, how to make the change, and how to make it stick.

  • Building organisational Leadership capability.
  • Supporting cultural change.
  • Targeted Executive Coaching.
  • Influence and Impact strategies and skills.
  • Developing High Impact Performance Coaching Cultures and Skills.
  • Team Facilitation
  • Executive Development

  • Exemplars of what they preach. They ‘walk the talk’.
  • Credible working at C Suite and all levels of management.
  • Honest and work with integrity. They speak their truth and will always do what is right, not just what people want.
  • They strike a powerful balance between providing enabling support for the individual and robust challenge of the issues.
  • Practical, pragmatic and outcome focused.
  • Innovative and creative in their approach to helping release untapped potential and performance.
  • Fun to work with and at the same time  work with serious endeavour.
  • They are knowledgeable and have a command of the theory but apply this intelligently to our real-world issues.
  • They are quick to understand our business and our challenges, working with us to find ‘fit for purpose’, sustainable solutions.
  • They focus on developing our internal capability to enable us to be self-reliant and function independently of them and other external resources.

Developing your Organisation

Developing your Teams

Developing your People