Developing Your Organisation

Developing leaders, teams, individuals and cultures to create high performing businesses…

The only certainty in organisations is that things will change.. We help you create the changes you want in your business … and help you make them stick.

It's essential to have the right quality of leaders and leadership culture in place throughout the organisation, not just at the top. 

So, for your organisation…
  • How would you describe the leadership you need to create the business performance you want?
  • Have you got the calibre of leaders capable of delivering it?
  • How do you know?
  • Do you have the reputation for leadership that attracts the best new recruits?
  • Do you suffer relentless poaching of your best talent? If not, why not?!
  • Are your leaders actively working to fulfill  their potential?
  • Do you courageously link the WHAT of delivery to the HOW of leadership behaviour?
  • What would your people say?
  • Do talented people get on?
  • How much differentiation is there between the real consequences of great and poor performance?
  • Do leaders take their development seriously?
  • Are line managers equipped to coach for high performance… and do they?
  • What quality of coaching, supervision and feedback do they receive?
  • What happens to people who consistently under-perform?

What can be a higher priority in your organisation than building a high performance culture?

How we work with you

We work in partnership to understand what you want to achieve and the implications for your leadership and performance culture. We do this by:

  • Working with you to understanding your current Performance culture, processes, tools, and practices, and assess their  business impact.
  • Putting the emphasis on engaging in powerful conversations and disciplined follow-up by performance managers and building their skills, desire, and confidence to do it.
  • Working with your senior leaders to help them understand what it will take from them to role-model and embed these changes.
  • This isn’t just another initiative … we believe it’s every leader’s day job and part of a rigorous and long term commitment to creating the success you want by creating a performance culture that works for everyone.

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We believe that paying close attention to HOW your leaders lead, as well as WHAT they achieve is one of the best ways to work towards sustainable performance. Most organisations recognise the short-termism and risks of a ‘delivery at all costs’ approach.

However, this intellectual recognition doesn’t always reach the DNA of the organisation. You may have some leadership values or competency statements or profiles, but they don’t necessarily penetrate and translate into the day-to-day behaviour of your leaders.

We can work with you and your people to help:
  • Identify the distinct and specific leadership behaviours your organisation needs to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Articulate these behaviours in everyday language that everyone can relate to.
  • Develop, integrate and embed these leadership behaviours into your performance culture.

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Some of our attitudes and beliefs about addressing leadership culture include…

  • Change happens individually and then collectively.
  • Respected and supported people give more of their best.
  • Open and honest dialogue helps to minimise blocks to performance.
  • Deeds are more powerful than words
  • Relationships are key to building commitment.
  • Appropriate Support and Challenge maximises individual, team and organisational performance.
Team Engagement workshops help leaders and those they lead to.
  • clearly understand what they are being asked to commit to (and the opportunity to shape some of this).
  • generate a strong sense of personal and collective responsibility for what it’s going to take to meet the challenges ahead.
  • increase self-awareness, build some skills and contribute to a ‘feedback rich’ environment…with a very clear ‘as is’ picture.
  • create open and direct working environments, with clear agreements about how to sustain them.
  • agree what development and support is needed, and what they need to do with their own teams, to lead the way.
  • build intellectual and emotional commitment.

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How often have you heard businesses confidently claim, “Our people are our most important asset”? In too many cases the words are hollow and not matched by the actions. Would you really fail to effectively upgrade your ‘main assets’? Would you take such a cursory look at how well your “most important assets” were contributing to organisational success, or what they needed to make fuller contributions?

We believe this is one of the most important priorities for an organisation and to:
  • Identify your high potential leaders and individual contributors, accelerating their growth and enhancing their impact.
  • Create a sustainable environment for them to lead, excel and create followership.
  • Embed a culture of ongoing support and engagement.

We do not offer an “off-the-peg” solution to these challenges; we are highly experienced at working with organisations to help design, co-deliver, and coach their Executive Development Programmes.

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Developing your Teams

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