Developing your Teams

Developing leaders, teams, individuals and cultures to create high performing businesses.

Working to create high performing teams is one of the surest ways to actively enable, not just demand, achieving more with the same resources.

If the team’s reason for existing and the degree of alignment is not collectively well understood, knowing where to intervene is absolutely key to effective team development. Countless hours can be spent “getting to know each other” with limited benefit.  We have developed our online Team Alignment Analysis diagnostic tool which enables leaders and their teams to understand how aligned they are and where are the key areas that require their focused attention.  

The 4 primary areas of focus are concerned with:

How We Focus

The clarity of direction and alignment of your collective efforts, the extent to which you hold each other accountable, the importance of your results to others

How We Act

The levels of openness and transparency, the willingness to challenge each other, what you do or do not talk about, the levels of trust you have with each other, the consistency of your behaviour

How We Connect

How effectively you use your time together, the degree and quality of the support you give and receive, the links you make to the work of other teams, and the rigour of your contracting with each other.

How We Equip

The skills and capabilities to do what you need to do, the access and influence you have with decision makers, the growth and development of your talent base, having the necessary ‘tools to do the job’.

Results are shared and analysed (in the room or by videoconference) with the leader and their team members. The facilitated process of discovery and exploration stimulates rich conversations, broaden and deepen collective awareness, leading to informed and committed action.

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It’s no accident that Executive teams who work well together, who have a shared understanding of purpose, goals, priorities, who are supportive yet are able to robustly challenge each other, and enjoy the trust and respect of each other, tend to create a positive ‘ripple effect’ throughout their organisations.

It’s also too often true that blocks to organisational performance can be traced back to how the top team work together.

At Arwel Douglas Performance we are experienced at working with senior teams to facilitate the process of enabling ‘game changing’ leadership around such issues as:

  • Where are we heading?
  • What kind of organisation are we trying to create?
  • How do we leverage speed, flexibility and value?
  • What’s stopping us moving forward together at pace?
  • How do we lead as one?
  • What’s it going to take from each of us?

In so doing we will help senior leaders to raise their awareness of what they are doing (lived through their values, behaviours, beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions) to create or suppress the success they want... and be clear on what to do about it.

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How to get more with less? Research into the factors which unlock extra-ordinary effort in teams confirmed that the biggest influence on performance by far, is the quality of relationship that exists between the leader and their team members. We are willing to go the extra mile for the leaders we feel respected by and connected to …. and we won’t for those that we don’t.

With this in mind,  Inside Out workshops, use the power of openness, honesty, compassion and self-examination to build stronger understanding and appreciation of the teams strengths and opportunities. It helps leaders and their teams to tune into the patterns that will build constructive, purposeful relationships and compelling, sustainable commitment across the team.

As a result of this workshop participants will:
  • Build stronger connections/bonds between leaders and team members.
  • Build better understanding of what makes each other tick.
  • inspire and encourage others around them to bring the best of themselves to work.
  • Have built stronger connections across the team.

These workshops, best delivered with intact teams, encourage enquiry, exploration and appreciation of  team strengths, opportunities for improvement … and of course, are highly engaging and transformative.

“The sum of the parts …”. The holy grail of team development. How do you work in ways which make the contribution of the whole team greater than that achieved by a collection of individual contributions?

The first stage is to be sure you need to be a team to do what’s needed. Some “teams” torture themselves over the quality of cabinet decision-making or active co-operation when actually all that’s needed is to keep each other informed and not tread on each other’s toes!

Knowing what kind of team you need to be to do what’s required, begs the question; “What’s this team’s purpose, or its unique contribution?”

Knowing WHERE to intervene is absolutely key to effective team development. Countless hours can be spent “ getting to know each other better” with limited gain, if your reason for existing isn’t well understood.

We provide you with tools, frameworks, and bespoke approaches to answering these questions, and to dealing with the challenging issues arising from leveraging team performance.

Typical elements include:-
  • Working closely with the team members and involving them at an early stage.
  • Building mutual credibility and respect and encouraging open and honest debate.
  • Developing collective agreement of the team’s purpose.
  • Undertaking a joint diagnosis of issues with the wider team, customers’ and suppliers, to understand their perspectives.
  • Making best use of available existing data.
  • Determining what kind of relationships are required to become the team you want/need to be.
  • Benchmarking against other teams where appropriate.
  • Contracting with team members and leaders to build ownership of, and commitment to success.

While our work will involve looking at strategies, priorities and measures, it will also invariably address motivations, attitudes, passions and drives. Looking at one area in isolation seldom takes you very far. Building a team’s capacity and willingness to talk openly, generate trust, take risks, and secure real commitment, is at the heart of how we work with you.

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