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Developing leaders, teams, individuals and cultures to create high performing businesses…

We believe that, in the end, what distinguishes great organisations from the merely good ones is the quality and depth of their leadership.

We’ll work with you to identify, develop and harness the leadership that sets you apart from the rest.

In a world of

  • Volatility, change and uncertainty
  • Formal, informal, dispersed and virtual teams
  • Matrix structures.
  • Ever rising customer expectation and competitive pressures.
  • Lower bureaucracy and formal ‘authority’.

the capacity to influence others to get things done has never been such a critically important leadership capability.

‘One trick ponies,’ who try to lead using one style, severely limit their leadership impact and will predictably plateau. The most influential leaders can judge what is needed and can adapt their styles to fit. This isn’t easy.

The good news is that it’s also not magic. It requires a high level of behavioural skill and dexterity and, as they are skills, they can be learned and practised until they become a natural part of ones behavioural repertoire.

The main features of our programme are:

  • It builds recognition of current strength and gaps in capability.
  • It’s highly practical and skills based.
  • It uses real situations not role-play.
  • It encourages risk taking.
  • It’s very challenging and supportive.
  • It works – with consistently fantastic results at the highest level in many organisations around the world

The programme can be positioned in a context that fits the specific challenges and goals you face. Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to create truly influential leadership in your organisation.

In business know how important it is to take care of your customers. It's equally true when you work in an enabling function and your customers are internal partners.

Getting past 1st base requires you and your team to establish your credibility and demonstrate your understanding of your customer’s needs. In most relationships, you have to invest and earn your seat at the table.

Our programme is based on the research we undertook with a range of organisations and disciplines, at the heart of which were 2 questions….. ‘What makes a great Business Partner?’ and ‘What stops you from doing this every day?’.

We have designed, developed and successfully delivered our programme to Finance, HR, Legal, IT, Corporate Affairs teams in multiple businesses across several continents.

Outcomes for the organisation

  1. Business Partners report demonstrable evidence of more impactful influence to critical organisational agendas.
  2. Customer feedback shows an improvement in the added value and quality of service the Business Partners provide.
  3. More consistent and embedded cultural recognition of Business Partnering as a ‘way of working’.

Outcomes for individuals

  1. Self-awareness of strengths and patterns of working that support your effectiveness in the Business Partnering role
  2. Rich picture of how key clients experience and judge your current Business Partner effectiveness
  3. Clear understanding of most important development areas for you to address
  4. Improved behavioural skills to support your personal impact.
  5. Broader ‘toolkit’ of frameworks and approaches to apply to key challenges in the Business Partnering role

For more general team development approaches see the Developing your Teams page.

What does your culture survey say about the quality of coaching and feedback in your organisation?

Too few people managers are given support to develop their coaching skills. In the absence of such support leaders are left to ‘pick it up as they go’ and the results can be quite hit and miss.

FOCUSed Performance Coaching for Leaders is a stretching programme of development aimed at

  • Building high quality coaching skills in leaders, line managers and other specialist internal coaches.
  • Building an appetite for providing and receiving good quality coaching as part of ‘what makes good leadership around here’.
  • Generating a ‘coaching culture’ within the organisation.

The typical structure is based on a 2-module approach and applies our FOCUSed Performance Coaching model at its heart.

Some key features of this programme are:

  • It is highly practical with lots of practice time.
  • It focuses on the coaching process and appropriate intervention skills.
  • It uses real coaching – no role play – which adds real depth to the learning.
  • Coachees build up a toolkit of highly effective skills, models and frameworks to use in a wide range of situations they face.
  • It is tried and tested. Many organisations are now benefiting from FOCUSed Performance coaching and the results it brings.

For one to one Performance Coaching see Executive Coaching below.

It is often said that ‘the higher you go, the the higher the stakes and the lonelier it gets. Senior leadership can be very rewarding, and for some, also quite isolating. It may not be possible or desirable to get the support needed within the organisation. Working with an external, well matched executive coach can be hugely beneficial.

Why Executive Coaching? Because it…

  • Provides a safe, independent, confidential supportive and challenging resource to work with. 
  • Holds up the mirror and gets up close and personal.
  • Gives a tight focus on performance ‘game changers’.
  • Offers tailored approaches to work effectively with  individual coachees preferences and learning styles.
  • Identifies meaningful measures of progress.

At Arwel Douglas Performance Limited, we are highly experienced executive coaches working individually with C-Suite and senior leaders across a wide range of sectors, geographies and cultures.

Whilst protecting the confidentiality of the individual is absolutely vital to building an open and trusting coaching relationship, we are also aware that the organisation usually pays the bills and has a legitimate expectations to influence the organisational objectives and outcomes of the coaching.

That’s why we strongly encourage an early 3-way meeting between the Coachee, their manager/leader and the Coach to work out, and get shared clarity of what the need is, what the "organisation's" expectations are of the coaching, and what the individual roles and responsibilities are of those involved.

We typically contract for 7 × 3-hour sessions with the Coachee, over a 9 - 12 month period, sufficient time to demonstrate real and sustainable impact of the changes.


For building internal Coaching capabilities and developing a coaching culture see FOCUSed Performance Coaching above.

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